Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 Guardianship

Article 81 of New York’s Mental Hygiene Law authorizes the Court to appoint a Guardian of the Person and Property for an incapacitated person. An incapacitated person is someone who can no longer manage for himself or herself because of physical and/or cognitive impairments. A guardian is given the authority to assist the incapacitated person in making personal needs decisions and financial management decisions.

A Property Management Guardian can be authorized to pay bills, collect assets, make investments, apply for government benefits (i.e. Medicaid), and to manage other financial aspects of the incapacitated person’s affairs. A Personal Needs Guardian can be authorized to obtain proper medical care services, arrange for proper home care services, assist with normal activities of daily living, and choose the proper residence for the incapacitated person.

Edmond Wong is a highly experienced attorney in the field of M.H.L. Article 81 matters. Mr. Wong has been appointed by judges in New York County, Kings County, Richmond County, and Queens County to serve as Court Evaluator, Counsel to Alleged Incapacitated Persons, and Guardian. Mr. Wong has also represented many private guardians with obtaining their commission, filing their initial report, annual accountings, final accountings and various other motions. Mr. Wong provides experienced guidance through all the stages of an Article 81 Guardianship matter.