Tinted Car Windows

You are driving along in your car and all of a sudden, the dreaded red and blue lights of the police appear behind you.  You are pulled over and the officer hands you a ticket for violating VTL § 375-12(a)(b)(1).  What is the ticket for?  Illegally tinted windshield and/or side windows!
The question is, “what amount of tinting is legal in New York?”  The Vehicle and Traffic Law states that it is illegal to have window tinting that “has a light transmittance of less than seventy percent (70%).”  What that means is that your tints can block up to thirty percent (30%) of light.

As for the rear window, the it is also illegal to have tints that let in less than seventy percent (70%) of light.  However, if the car is equipped with two side mirrors (one on each side of the car) and allows the driver to clearly see the road and condition of the traffic behind the car, then the rear window may be tinted to block more than seventy percent (70%) of light.

當您在獨自駕車時,突然被亮起紅色和藍色指示燈的警察車截停。停車之後,警察搋上違例告票VTL§375(a)(b)(1)。 這是什麼違例告票? 是汽車的有色擋風玻璃和/或有色的汽車側窗玻璃違例了!

“ 在紐約州來說,什麼汽車玻璃透光度是合法的?” 根據紐約州交通法律規定,有色玻璃的透光率低過百分之七十便是不合法。” 亦即是說,汽車上的有色玻璃只可以減少百分之三十透光率(30%)才為合法。

至於後車窗的有色玻璃透光率如低過百分之七十亦是不合法的。 但是,如果這輛車配備了兩個側面倒後鏡(每側面各一個)可容許汽車司機清楚地看到車後的路面和交通狀況,這樣,後車窗玻璃透光率才可以低過百分之七十(70%)。

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